Hey there,
I'm Jake!

I am from Fort Collins, Colorado and I currently attend Auburn University where I am a junior studying graphic design. You can usually find me reading articles on Medium, listening to some obscure indie game soundtrack, or buried under a massive blanket watching The Walking Dead (it's still relevant). I have always had a passion for music and was quite the devoted percussionist for several years, but nowadays, I mostly satisfy my inner audiophile with instrumental soundtracks or electro-swing.

Only recently have I truly discovered my passion for UI/UX design. I have always found myself considering the usability and function of products around me, but had never thought to label myself as a Uxer. In my experience with design since I was in high school, I always struggled with the conceptual and emotional content people were looking for in design. I always viewed my projects as a problem to solve; a solution was there, I just had to find it. It was only a matter of time before I completed an app design project and enjoyed every minute of it!

I believe that UX is about developing empathy between users and systems. The system should understand the user's interactions, and the user understands the system reactions. I am passionate about designing experiences that solve people's problems and bridge the gap between humans and technology.

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